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The Box Office Manager

We believe one of the biggest challenges facing the Box Office manager at any venue is the rapidly changing ticket selling and scanning technology.

Today you might just want to count guests. Tomorrow you might need to scan bar coded tickets from one outside ticket source. The next day you might have a new outside ticket source. The future’s tickets might be entirely different from what we think of as tickets today.

Whether it be access control, loss control or employee time and attendance we have the solution.

Select your type of facility and give us your requirements and we will contact you the next business day.

At Perey Turnstiles, Inc., we specialize in providing equipments with a built in ability to field upgrade to new and changing electronic technologies. Since Perey Turnstiles does not provide software or ticketing systems or services in any way, our loyalty is ALWAYS to the venue and the team regardless of whose electronics you use.

We allow you to maintain the capital investment you make in your access point equipment and our equipment is he least expensive to own in our industry. After all, our turnstiles have…

• Average Turnstile Service Life of 35 Years
• Five Year Warranty
• Maintenance requirements are ONLY lubrication every 18 months
• Upgradable functionality so you don’t replace the Turnstiles as
your needs change

Once we are a part of your venue, you can count on our professional participation and cooperation to keep us there.