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The Architect

As an architect on any project you specify the best equipment in its class. You know that in the long run quaility makes your project come to life.

In order to make your evaluation of our equipment as simple as possible, we provide concise materials and construction data for all of our products. We stand behind our equipment and we hope this information will tell you why a Perey Turnstiles product is the best to specify on your project.

Whether it be custom designs, access control, loss control or employee time and attendance we have the solution.

Select the type of facility you are involved with and give us your requirements and we will contact you the next business day.

Once we are a part of the project team, you can count on our professional participation and cooperation to make your project a success. Most importantly, you can count on Perey Turnstiles, Inc., to maintain YOUR professional reputation as well.

Why specify Perey? For example, our turnstiles have…

• Average Turnstile Service Life of 35 Years
• Five Year Warranty
• Maintenance requirements are ONLY lubrication every 18 months
• Upgradable functionality so you don’t replace the Turnstiles
• Standard cabinet stiles available from painted steel to bronze with marble tops.
• Custom designs using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM.