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Waist-High Turnstiles

Globally Recognized Design and Security

Perey’s signature waist-high tripod turnstile models have a patented design that people recognize. We have been manufacturing our waist-high tripod turnstiles since the company’s beginnings in 1913, and we continue to build with the same timeless style that our customers have grown to love for generations.

Our turnstiles are featured in many public locations worldwide. They can also be seen in famous movies, music videos, and even video games. When you see a tripod turnstile, there’s a good chance it’s a Perey.

Professional Upgrades and Customization

We have waist-high tripod turnstile models in silver steel, bronze, or painted cabinets. Custom orders and configurations are also available for select models. Tell us how we can make our products fit your aesthetic and security needs. We have the ability to make our turnstiles in either stationary or mobile units, and they look pristine when paired with a matching railing or wheelchair access swing gate.

The most attractive waist-high tripod turnstiles includes our unique “Hard-Point Mounting System” for field upgrades. When you need to change electronic controls or counting systems you can make the changes without replacing the turnstiles.

Top Priority is Security

The waist-high tripod turnstile is still the only method for insuring that one person passes per valid-ID or ticket and that there is only one count per person. Our uniquely high reliability means that a Perey turnstile costs almost nothing to own.

Owning waist-high tripod turnstiles from Perey Turnstiles is owning a piece of American history. Browse around our different waist-high tripod turnstile models and see what we have to offer.