Type SA Roto-Gate

The most attractive high security gate. Uniquely designed to be beautiful without compromising security. Materials that will retain their beauty through many years of heavy use. Extremely versatile features that will integrate with all automated security systems. Exceptionally long service life combined with lowest maintenance needs. The unquestioned leader in indoor security where the architect and security director must both be satisfied.

Short Form Specification

Weight: 1,350 lbs. net – 1,500 lbs. crated
Arms: ANSI 304 Stainless steel (brushed finish). 4" reinforcing plugs at rotor end, spun closed ends, walls 0.065" thick.
Rotor: One piece solid aluminum extrusion weighing 140 lbs., three wing cross section, anodized.
Vertical Columns: One barrier support column of 3" by 3" solid aluminum, three passageway support columns of 2" by 2" aluminum tubing with 0.125" wall thickness.
Mechanism: All steel and machine cast iron. Two control ratchets each 1.25" thick hardened steel. Two locking pawls each 1.25" thick hardened steel. Time delay and power relays with 10 amp contact ratings and ten million operation life.
Passageway Sheeting: ANSI 304 Stainless Steel (brushed finish) 0.065" thick and rising from 4" above floor level to 4" below mechanism housing. (Alternate is 0.25" thick curved Lexan sheet.)
Ceiling: Full ceiling 6′ dia. 5" deep.