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Enhanced Nuclear Security

Compliance with NRC Regulation § 73.55 Requirements

Selective Destruction Alarm available on the Type “B”, Type “Twin-B” and Type “AA” Roto-Gates

This is new means of allowing guard staff re-allocation while enhancing compliance with NRC Regulation § 73.55 Requirements For Physical Protection Of Licensed Activities In Nuclear Power Reactors Against Radiological Sabotage.

Perey Turnstiles, Inc., offers a unique-in-the-industry feature called the “Selective Destruction Alarm”. On the nuclear industry security front-line this is often called “cut technology”.

An alarm wire is run throughout the Roto-Gate (full height turnstile) rotating and fixed arms, the structural elements and ceiling, and the passageway in one or more monitoring circuits. At no point is there any greater than five inches between any two wires. The wires are firmly held in place such that any cutting or significant distortion will cause an alarm.

This feature is available on the Type “B”, Type “Twin-B” and Type “AA” Roto-Gates.

The “Selective Destruction alarm” was developed at the request of one nuclear plant operator who required some way of having their Roto-Gates provide an alarm indication should someone cut or significantly damage an arm or other element of the turnstile. The successful implementation of this “Selective Destruction” alarm has now allowed a number of operators to adhere to the ever tougher codes and force-on-force drills while reducing guard staffing at those locations thus saving a great deal of money.