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Wireless Battery-Powered Portable Turnstiles

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Available For The Following Models

  • Model 140PC

    Model 140PC

  • Model 136SS

    Model 136SS

  • Model 150SR

    Model 150SR

  • Model 150SF

    Model 150SF

  • 152SR Model

    Model 152SR

  • 152SF Model

    Model 152SF

  • Model 48PC

    Model 48PC

  • Model 48SS

    Model 48SS

Portable Wireless Battery-Powered Turnstiles

So Universal, They Work With Your System And Your Software.

We are introducing a new feature to transform select turnstile models into wireless, battery-powered, portable turnstiles. Take the design and security you trust from a Perey turnstile, combine it with the power of an internal battery and the ability to program and wirelessly control operations with your software, and you have the most sophisticated, hassle-free, controlled access solution available when and where you need it.

Portable Turnstiles When You Need Them

When the Marine Corps in Iraq needed to add military ID (CAC) card reading to a mess facility but also need to have an expandable perimeter in times of high threat… they used Perey Turnstiles wireless portable turnstiles.

When Georgia Tech wanted to add student ID card scanning to their football stadium but also needed the turnstiles to be removable… they use Perey Turnstiles wireless portable turnstiles.

When numerous professional sports organizations have needed to add self-service ticket scanning turnstiles but did not want to tear up their floors to add conduit… they, too, have turned to Perey for wireless portable ticketing scanning turnstiles.

Each of these clients have needed different readers for their ID’s or tickets. Each have needed to communicate very differently with a host database system. Each have wanted to go for days or multiple games between recharging. Each have wanted the turnstiles to be self-contained, sleek looking and very easy to use. With all of these differences, what is the one thing they have all had in common…choosing Perey Turnstiles.

What Our Portable Turnstiles Provide

Because of the minimal nature of the design and power requirements, our portable turnstiles need no external conduit or installation. They can be rolled into place and powered up for rapid deployment and automated ticketing as needed.

With our setup, your turnstiles can be ideal for events and locations like fairs, ball parks, sports stadia, amusement parks, forward operating bases, stock exchanges, shipyards, and construction sites.

The turnstiles can be configured to communicate with scanners that read 1D and 2D Bar Codes on ticket stock or print-your-own, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity Cards, MIFARE Cards, or biometric scanning including palm, finger and vein scan.

Connect and Control, Your Way

Wireless Options for Portable Turnstiles

Our portable turnstiles can be controlled by WiFi over 802.11 b/g or 802.15.4, XSC Long Range, Bluetooth, TCP/IP via iPhone and Android, and web control via iPhone and Andriod using DHCP or fixed IP address. We employ security protocols including Shared Key, WEP, WPA, and Cisco LEAP with support for WEP, TKIP, and CCMP data encryption.

We embed client supplied handheld scanners with built-in wireless communications. These typically communicate with our controls via USB, RS-232, Ethernet, Ethernet with Web Interface or embedded (in turnstile cabinet) Bluetooth. When embedding client scanners we typically provide an external antenna matching the required gain to the exact application.