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Touchscreen Turnstile Lane Controller (TTLC)

Controlled Access At Your Fingertips.

Introducing the Touchscreen Turnstile Lane Controller (TTLC) by Perey Turnstiles. On-screen statuses of turnstiles and gates and touch control for opening, closing, and sounding alarms. All in an easy to use layout that is as clean and professionally designed as our turnstiles.

Our turnstiles are built to look and function with style and accuracy. With this in mind, we chose to utilize the quality and sleek design of the HP TouchSmart to give our customers the best control experience possible.

Like our turnstiles, we know the touchscreen system will get visitors’ attentions.

Although the touchscreens themselves are manufactured by HP, all turnstile operation configurations are implemented in-house by our technical service team. While each of our customer’s interfaces will have a similar design, all configuration and layout will be uniquely customized to match your turnstile lane setup.

You’ll have the ability to control the turnstile lane access at the tip of your fingers, from in front of the touch screen and away from it. The TTLC has the optional ability to be controlled from another computer on the same network internally for added security. For those who want total control from anywhere, the TTLC also can be configured to allow remote access, letting an administrator test and operate the turnstile access from anywhere.¹

The TTLC, by default, is operated via touch screen inputs. However, the TTLC will also include a wireless mouse and keyboard set for those who prefer classic operations.

Currently, the TTLC is available for the following turnstile barrier technologies:
GlassLane · Drop Arm · Optical (Barrier Free) · Tripod · Roto-Gate · Swing-Gate

The power of security with the ease of touchscreen control all in one elegant unit. Add the TTLC to your turnstile² order and feel the difference.

¹Because of different internal network requirements of customers, it will be up to your network administrator to apply the proper settings to enable secure remote access.

²The Touchscreen Turnstile Lane Controller (TTLC) is only available for turnstiles manufactured by Perey Turnstiles. The TTLC can only be configured for Perey Turnstile units and each installation is uniquely configured to their respective turnstile setup.