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Optical Turnstiles

The Only Premiere Barrier Free Option

Optical Turnstiles Model 152SF

Perey Turnstiles have designed and manufactured Optical Turnstiles since 1958. We offer a wide range of models that are durable and reliable.

While turnstiles have been a part of American history for years, they’re not limited to the traditional, barrier-based design. If you need more flexibility and high-security access control, we offer top of the line optical turnstiles.

Our current Optical Turnstile family includes the same beautiful and unique cabinet engineering as our tripod turnstiles. Our optical turnstiles come in many styles, including stainless steel, bronze, or painted cabinet.

Are you looking for a unique style? We customize our Optical Turnstiles to fit your needs. Custom features include marble tops, added or reduced length, customized reader mounting and customized indicator lights.

We have added a remote programming feature to our turnstile controller. They now include our new, field upgradable, “SuperController”, which can be remotely programmed to meet your changing requirements without the need for a technician’s visit.

All of our Optical Turnstiles are programmable to allow the following features:

  • Uni-Directional Operation
  • Bi-Directional Operation
  • Remote “Lockout” Of One Or Both Directions
  • Unauthorized Entry Alarm Local and Remote
  • Unauthorized Exit Alarm Local and Remote
  • Piggy Backing Alarm Local and Remote
  • Package Only Entry Alarm Local and Remote
  • Package Only Exit Alarm Local and Remote
  • Slow Travel Alarm Local and Remote
  • Walk Away Alarm Local and Remote
  • Crawl Alarm Local and Remote

Only Perey Turnstiles can offer high security and clean design in an affordable package that can’t be beat.