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GlassLane Turnstiles

A Unique, Self-Storing Glass Panel Turnstile.

Perey Turnstiles has cracked-the-code on combining glass panel barriers with narrow mechanism enclosures and kneecap-friendly panel opening even if you are accidentally going the wrong way and causing an alarm.

Until now turnstile makers have had a choice when it comes to glass panel turnstiles…either rotate the glass panels out of the way and occasionally do damage to the unwary kneecap or rotate the glass panels into absurdly huge housings that take up entirely too much room in a lobby.

Our GlassLane Turnstile panels are withdrawn into the cabinets WHILE pivoting thus getting safely out of the way into elegantly slim cabinets quickly and quietly.

Like all of our bi-parting barrier Turnstiles, this model has one or two passage barring panels that allow or prevent passage. An array of optical sensors monitors the passageway and provides optical-turnstile alarm functionality. Once the barrier has dropped out of the passageway, the unit becomes a completely functional optical turnstile.

We have been manufacturing Optical Turnstiles since the late 1950’s. We have often found that since Optical Turnstiles do not have barriers, the timing of when alarms are triggered and the pattern of traffic flow has a far greater impact on Optical Turnstile use than they have on Tripod Turnstile use (when there is a barrier people tend to be sure they are allowed to pass through long before they are in the turnstile’s passageway).

By adding glass panels, the GlassLane Turnstile provides a compromise between the greater security of a tripod turnstile and the openness of an optical turnstile.

We have recently added a remote programming feature to our Optical Turnstile controller. Our new “SuperController” can be remotely programmed to meet a customer’s changing requirements. This can be accomplished without the need for a factory technician’s visit.

When operational requirements change, simply call us with the new requirements and we will e-mail you the new programming, upload and test the new program using a laptop computer.

All of our GlassLane Turnstiles are programmable to allow the following features:

a. Uni-Directional Operation
b. Bi-Directional Operation
c. Remote “Lockout” Of One Or Both Directions
d. Unauthorized Entry Alarm Local and Remote
e. Unauthorized Exit Alarm Local and Remote
f. Piggy Backing Alarm Local and Remote
g. Package Only Entry Alarm Local and Remote
h. Package Only Exit Alarm Local and Remote
i. Slow Travel Alarm Local and Remote
j. Walk Away Alarm Local and Remote
k. Crawl Alarm Local and Remote

The GlassLane Turnstile is available in an array of cabinet choices to best fit into the installation area. For example:

Model 153SF GlassLane Turnstile : Stainless Steel with Faceted Ends
Model 153SR GlassLane Turnstile : Stainless Steel with Round Ends
Model 153BF GlassLane Turnstile : Brass or Bronze with Faceted Ends
Model 153BR GlassLane Turnstile : Brass or Bronze with Round Ends
Model 137BS Federal GlassLane Turnstile Brass or Bronze with Federal Neoclassical/Art Deco Styling

Along with cabinet shape choices, the GlassLane Turnstiles are available with marble, granite, Corian or Zodiak tops or other solid surface materials.


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