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Custom Projects

Many customers have individual requirements that can only be satisfied by specialty engineering and fabrication. We provide engineering and architectural services that are unmatched in our industry. Our licensed professional engineering staff develops unique solutions to the most difficult cabinet shape and material problems and can create electronics mounting solutions that are pleasing to look at, user friendly and serviceable.

"Themed Model "HD" at an Amusement Park"

Many models are uniquely suited for custom paint finishes.

"Multi-Tenant Sky Scraper"

One of the largest buildings in the world with one of the highest per-square-foot rents but which is under a true threat of terrorism. Turnstiles and drop arm stiles in use. Cabinets that are boat-shaped and “mirror finished.

"Financial Institution Lobby"

Unique traffic barrier shapes to allow for an adequate number of turnstiles in a narrow lobby.

"Insurance Company"

Internal mounting of an extremely unattractive magnetic swipe reader. I.D. Card is guided through a sloping channel for greatest ease of use. Cabinet ends are "faceted" to match lobby features.